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District set on a gently sloping hillside, offering spectacular views


Mas Ram property: what you need to know

Mas Ram is one of the key neighborhoods that makes up Badalona, a municipality just to the north of Barcelona. Badalona is located right on the Mediterranean shore, so any Mas Ram property will be within easy reach of the beach. This area provides a relaxing, laid-back ambiance while still being accessible from the city center of Barcelona. It combines the best of both worlds.

The Mas Ram neighborhood of Badalona is located on the western side of the city in the Conreira hillside, offering plenty of wonderful views of the Mediterranean. You can find Mas Ram properties located on green slopes with gardens and swimming pools with sea views. There are many excellent real estate opportunities here.

The journey to Barcelona’s international airport takes roughly thirty minutes from Mas Ram by car or taxi. You can also get there on public transportation if you wish, with travel time at approximately ninety minutes.

Features of Mas Ram property

Badalona, in general, attracts buyers and renters both locally and from overseas. The area provides an excellent quality of life and opportunities to enjoy nearly a year-round sunshine. About 12% of the population of Badalona comes from overseas, many of whom are drawn to Mas Ram properties.

Badalona features plenty of wide beaches where you can kick back and relax. Mas Ram, in particular, provides access to areas for walking and taking in scenic views of the landscapes. In search of cultural activities? Head to the nearby Badalona city center, which features a handful of museums and theaters to enjoy.

Mas Ram property often features gardens or pools. As the district sits on a gently sloping hillside, many offer spectacular views. There are chalets and stand-alone houses available, as are apartments. Many are sleek and modern, though you can also find charming traditional properties.

Why consider a Mas Ram property?

Why not start your search for a home or second home near Barcelona in Badalona’s Mas Ram district? You can get much more bang for your buck here –  not to mention space – than in the city centre of Barcelona. Yet, at the same time, you’re still within easy reach of the big city’s main attractions and the seaside.

Mas Ram boasts a handful of buildings listed in the European Cultural Heritage Inventory, including the Torre del Mas Ram, the Casa dels Guardes, and the Pont. There are also many pretty tree-lined streets to wander, and you also have easy access to the Serralada de Marina mountains. On the eastern side, you can find miles of beaches, which are best viewed from the Pont de Petroli dock.

There are many opportunities to enjoy exercise and sport in Mas Ram. Badalona has a strong basketball environment, and there are lots of places to practice shooting hoops. You can also enjoy running, biking, and walking along the Badalona seafront. Mas Ram specifically features a tennis club and pools.

For art galleries and theaters, head to the center of Badalona, where you can find a handful of each. If you’re looking for even more, the city of Barcelona is within easy reach (trains take about 25 minutes to the city centre). Try Galeria Maxo in the Born district.

Living local in Mas Ram

Dining options about on the Mediterranean coast, and there is a plentiful supply of fresh seafood. Try the local cuisine at Olmosgourmet, located on a former industrial estate, which serves excellent takes on regional dishes.

The biggest event of the year in Badalona is the Sant Anastasi festival, which honors the city’s patron saint. Every year in May, the day is celebrated with parades, concerts, and bonfires. The celebration lasts well into the night.

Are you thinking that a Mas Ram property sounds like the place for you? The mix of proximity to the seaside, beautiful architecture, and plenty of cultural opportunities makes this an excellent place to start our hunt for a property in Badalona. So why not take a look at the Mas Ram properties available right now to start your search?

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