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Charming Old Town within a walking distance to the beach

The complete guide to Badalona Old Town property

Badalona, located just to the north of Barcelona, is a popular pick with people who are looking for a gentle pace of life but still be within easy reach of the big city. That’s exactly what you’ll find in a Badalona Old Town property market, which can combine the best of both worlds – and close proximity to the sea, too!

Badalona’s Old Town is located right in the heart of Badalona. Also referred to as Dalt de la Vila, this part of the municipality is bursting with charm. It’s within an easy walking distance of the beach and many of the area’s main attractions, meaning that it’s a popular place to search for Badalona apartments or Badalona property for sale. About a 25-minute train journey to the south you’ll find Barcelona’s city center.

To get to the Barcelona International Airport from Badalona Old Town, you can choose to either travel by car or taxi (approximately 25 minutes’ journey) or go by train (around 75 minutes). In both cases, the airport is easily accessible.

What you need to know about Badalona Old Town property

Overall, about 12% of the Badalona municipality’s residents hail from overseas. The mix of proximity to the beach, the mountains, and the city of Barcelona makes it an attractive place for property. Houses for sale in Badalona, Spain, often don’t last long on the market, especially in the Old Town.

Due to its location right on the seafront, there are lots of lovely places to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle in Badalona. The scenic dock provides an excellent viewpoint to enjoy the seascapes. You can also enjoy plenty of cultural activities, most of which are gathered in Badalona Old Town.

Looking for a Badalona Old Town Property? You can find a mix of both modern and traditional properties. Many feature a balcony or terrace where you can enjoy the sunshine, which is present nearly all year round in Badalona. If you’re particularly lucky, your balcony could have a few of the Mediterranean.

What makes Badalona Old Town property special?

Many buyers and renters search for either a permanent residence or a second home in Badalona. You may be pleasantly surprised at some of the options you can find when it comes to Badalona Old Town apartments. No matter which you choose, you’ll be in close proximity to the beach, as well to the municipality’s choice cultural offerings.

Badalona’s Old Town, also called the Badalona Casco Antiguo, has quite a few sights to see, including the Torre Vella (a modernist mansion), the charming Carrer de la Costa (which takes you to the sea), the pretty Plaza Pompeu Fabra, and the Rambla de Badalona.

Badalona offers plenty of chances to enjoy exercise in the fresh air. The municipality has a curiously strong basketball community and some of the best teams in Spain. If you’d rather simply jog or walk, head to the Badalona seafront, which also has nice spaces for cycling.

Living local in Badalona Old Town

One of the highlights of Badalona’s Old town is the city museum, where you can also find the historical archives to browse. There are also a few theaters located in this part of town. You can also head to the bright lights of Barcelona, where you can find even more theaters and art galleries to get your culture fix.

For those who love fine dining, you can find exquisite local cuisine at Olmosgourmet. Here, you can find top-notch local cuisine, much of which features freshly-caught seafood straight from the waters of the Mediterranean. There are also many dining opportunities to be had on the Rambla de Badalona.

Each year in May, Badalona celebrates its annual festival for its patron saint, Sant Anastasi. This holiday is a celebration that runs well into the night, and features lots of activities, parades, and bonfires. It provides the perfect starting-off point for the summer season of festivals.

Does a Badalona Old Town property sound appealing to you? Why not start looking for your dream Badalona apartment now? There are plenty of reasons to make a move to Badalona. You can enjoy the sea all year round and a true taste of the Mediterranean lifestyle here.

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