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 A Green City in the Porto District 


Why invest in a Paços de Ferreira property?

Looking for the perfect second home in the Porto district isn’t particularly a simple choice. The large variety of great places and municipalities to choose from make it a difficult task to pin down the best areas among the best. One of such wonderful places is Paços de Ferreira, one of the eighteen different municipalities of the Porto district and an excellent choice for your investment. Similarly to other neighboring municipalities, Paços de Ferreira property enjoys very close proximity to the city of Porto, taking about 40 minutes by road to get to Porto’s center. This makes it appealing for property investments as the area isn’t as urbanized as Porto.

Paços de Ferreira is also a hub for business and is known for the fine textiles and furniture that are produced there, likewise is also an appealing place for business investment aside from real estate.

If you are thinking about investing in a Paços de Ferreira property, keep in mind that as a means to increase international investment in Portuguese territory, two significant country-wide policies will help you make an investment in Paços de Ferreira property, and they are:

The non-habitual tax residents (NHR) that have especially attracted Europeans such as Swedes, Germans, British and French citizens to Portugal and Porto; and also the highly sought-after Golden Visa program, available for internationals willing to invest in the country. 

Lifestyle in Paços de Ferreira

Having the city of Porto close by makes its entertainment and activities readily available for a second-home owner in Paços de Ferreira. However, the municipality in itself has a lot to offer and certainly deserves your attention too.

In terms of outdoors activities, Paços de Ferreira has many, fun and fulfilling, bicycling, and hiking that will introduce you to the historical and natural beauty of the municipality.

Furthermore, a great golf course to enjoy while you are in Paços de Ferreira is one in nearby Paredes, “Aqueduct Golf Course,” which is 15min from Paços de Ferreira by road and marvelous for a relaxing sports time in contact with nature.

The traditional gastronomy in Paços de Ferreira is lovely, is mainly known for its local cheeses and the fantastic “Capão à Freamunde” a typical meat dish. You can find it best represented in the fine restaurant “O Telheiro,” a palatal hallmark in the municipality.

If you like to drink premium beers while tasting some good “tapas,” then a good choice is the pub “Tapper,” well-known for it wide range of premium beers be them Portuguese, Belgian, Irish or German. Furthermore, it has different national fine wines you can choose from if you feel you like tasting something different from beer.

As far as local activities go the “As Sebastianas” are popular throughout Porto as being an enjoyable musical and cultural experience, as the festivities fuses current musical performances with traditional religious and cultural activities.

Services and activities

Paços de Ferreira property is covered by all the essential services you would need. Like many of other Porto municipalities, it has its own hospital, police and fire departments and schools. However, it is also 30 minutes away from any private or public hospital or international school located in the city of Porto.

The expansive network of motorways and railways within the municipality, also ensures that any trip to the Sã Carneiro Airport (OPO) isn’t more than 25 minutes by road, providing a relatively quick way from and to your international flights.

Eventually, if a trip to a sunny Portuguese beach or to a fantastic natural park is on your plans, then you should not have to worry as they travel times are between 60 to 45 minutes from Paços de Ferreira to Aveiro, Vila Real or Braga.

Great investment opportunity

If you are thinking about investing in real estate in Porto District, consider Paços de Ferreira property as an excellent way to invest in either a larger estate or a cheaper property than the one you can find in the city of Porto.

Paços de Ferreira real estate offers an opportunity to get a more meaningful connection with nature than a more urbanized are like Porto or Vila Nova de Gaia, but also is good for potential business opportunities as the municipality is very well known in the furniture industry.

Hero Picture by Frayle via Flickr