Aljezur Property Guide



A piece of paradise in the Algarve


 Paradise on the Western shores

The cliff strewn coast of Aljezur meanders up the Western coast towards the Alentejo. It hides among its many sheltered bays four Blue Flag beaches. The Aljezur region hugs the northwestern edge of the Algarve. To the north, it borders the Alentejo. To the south, the Vila Do Bispo area, the ‘end of the world’, the most southwestern point of Europe. To the east are Lagos and the Monchique mountains. An Aljezur property could be in the quaint town of Aljezur itself, overlooked by the Moorish castle. Perhaps perched on the cliffs, on sandy moorland, gazing out across the wild Atlantic. It could be nestled in the foothills of the Serra de Espinhação de Cão, peaceful and quiet. If you enjoy the grandeur of mother nature, being steeped in history, and getting away from it all, then an Aljezur property is the way to go.

Aljezur Property Guide

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The average price for an Aljezur apartment for sale hovers around €1.700 per sq. meter and prices for houses in Aljezur are around €2.100 per sq. meter. The municipality also offers several investment opportunities for €1.800 per sq. meter in average.

In addition, coastal villas offering stunning views over the Atlantic have higher prices. The average price for such a property in Aljezur is €3.100 per sq. meter.

18. August 2018

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The most renowned real estate agencies in Aljezur are ERA, Marcela Propriedades, Algarve Elite Property and Algarve Team properties

Why Aljezur Property?

The Aljezur area covers 323.5 km², with around 6,000 inhabitants. It is roughly 1h15m from Faro International Airport. There are good connecting roads to the regional motorway, around 20 minutes away. Lisbon is circa 3 hours to the north. From Aljezur the road winds up along the west coast, through the National Park. The journey alone provides a day trip of stunning natural beauty.

Aljezur Property Guide

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Portugal has become a very popular place to move to and Algarve real estates are attracting many foreigners from all over the world. Not only is the warm weather attracting internationals, but the NHR tax program also plays a big part. In 2010, the Portuguese government instigated the NHR regime. Portugal relies heavily on foreign investment. This is a great way to attract people into the country. The Non-Habitual Resident scheme allows those with an income from a foreign country to claim tax exemption. Once signed up with the initiative, new NHRs will enjoy all the benefits of a regular Portuguese resident. 

Aljezur is a surfing and kitesurfing paradise. Watersports of all kinds are popular in the area. For golfers, the nearest golf courses are in neighbouring Lagos.

Espiche near Barão de São João

The Aljezur International School is found on the edge of the National Park. It is a small school with an emphasis on individual teaching. A 30-minute drive takes you to the Escola Internacional Vale Verde in Luz and the Nobel International primary school campus in Espiche. The main Nobel campus, catering for all ages up to 18, is 45 minutes away.

Aljezur real estate is mostly either in the main town of Aljezur or on the clifftops behind Praia da Arrifana. There are villages strewn across the countryside. Unusually for the Algarve as a whole, it’s flat until it reaches the edge of the Monchique mountains. The flat, high land is reminiscent of an English moor, albeit with a good deal more sun. It is cooler here than further east. The winds come in from the Atlantic, where there is no more land until you hit the American coast. Yes, it’s windier and rainier than further east. This makes it a more pleasant landscape and a welcome relief from the inland temperatures. And great for surfing!

Aljezur Property Guide

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Aljezur is for those who love the outdoor life. The area is full of hiking, biking, buggying and off-roading opportunities. Aljezur town is the source of a connecting path to the breathtaking ‘Via Algarviana’. This winds from Sagres at the very tip of western Europe, to Alcoutim on the eastern border with Spain. The beaches of the West Coast are famous for their surf.

Aljezur property for sale is popular with expats from western Europe. It provides a complete retreat from the busy city life. There are reminders everywhere of the region’s ancient history, from the Romans to the Moors to the Christian conquest. Beautiful churches, forts, and castles dot the area.

Aljezur Property Guide

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An Aljezur property owner can enjoy any amount of peace and quiet. For a more social setting, the neighboring area of Lagos is only a half hour drive away. Lagos town hosts Michelin mentioned restaurants. There are nightclubs, bars, a train station nearby, and a marina. Luz is a population center for expats. There you can fit right in, sipping coffee in the square with your fellow countrymen.

An Aljezur property has it all. Sun, sea, and surf in an idyllic rural setting, with all the amenities just a short drive away. If we have piqued your interest in buying Aljezur real estate, please have a look at our database, which is full of information to help you find that perfect property.

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