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The largest prime property search in Spain and Portugal


A real estate metasearch powered by AI.


CASAFARI brings transparency to the real estate market by indexing over 10 million listings from more than 9 thousand sources, daily. We process the information just like Google, except we go far deeper, as we are a vertical metasearch focused solely on real estate. We use learning machine which brings together different listings of the same property just like Kayak does for flights and Trivago does for hotels. The result of this is the most complete database of unique properties in Europe. We provide real estate professionals and institutional investors with hyperlocal data in real time.

Our clients are able to source the best opportunities and close deals significantly faster. CASAFARI supports agents with their property sourcing and exclusivity tracking. We also show all market movements and even provide customized market reports. CASAFARI is the Bloomberg Terminal for real estate.

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What problems do we solve?

7 Deadly Sins of the Real Estate Market

  1. Every location has tens of thousands of properties sold by thousands of real estate agents. Exclusivity is almost unheard of, and around 90% of agency portfolios overlap. It is impossible to get an objective overview of what is on the market.
  2. Between different agencies, price and information for a particular property can vary significantly.
  3. Casafari’s proprietary research has shown that prices differ on average by around 30%.
  4. Data describing plot and floor areas can vary by more than 130%.
  5. It is near impossible to find the correct data recorded in the land registry.
  6. It is almost never clear what neighborhood the property is located in .
  7. There is no benchmarking available for property prices in local areas, which means both buyers and sellers struggle to find useful metrics for comparison when assessing property prices.

Key features for agents

  1. Casafari provides a real time list of all the agents selling a particular property in your area. Find out which other agencies are selling your properties. Take control of your portfolio.
  2. Get an overview of the market in your area in seconds. Analyze the price per square meter, the number of properties in each price range, and the change in your market share. Updated in real time.
  3. Your morning update puts you in control of the market. You are the first to know about property price changes, new listings and sales. Property sourcing made easy.

We reduce agent’s screen time to ten minutes in the morning, rather than wasted hours where they could be sourcing and closing deals.

What technological solution do we offer?

Our aim is to support real estate agents without taking another slice of the commission pie. We believe the combination of real estate agents’ local network with our platform is changing real estate for the better, forever.

Using machine learning and in full compliance with all European and US legal frameworks, CASAFARI aggregates and matches all properties offered by real estate agencies in any given market. Our search offers the most comprehensive portfolio of properties in all of the locations we cover.

CASAFARI collects and analyzes data on prices in the area without the innate bias that many agencies and portal sites have. We work with real estate agencies from the biggest brands across Iberia, providing a world-class solution for all their property data needs.

Where can you find useful information on neighborhoods?

We have created a series of Neighborhood Guides to help estate agents know their area inside and out to assist private buyers looking for a new property. These neighborhood guides combine carefully curated content, with precision data, enabling you to have an easily digestible, but thorough outlook on hundreds of areas across the Iberia region.