the largest prime property search in Germany, Spain, Portugal

What is Casafari?

Casafari is a data-driven property search and market watch focused on second homes overseas. We provide state of the art technology to make the process of finding, buying, selling, or renting a holiday property intelligent and seamless for real estate professionals.
We do everything to save your time and money. Our focus is prime properties for second home buyers in Americas and Europe. Casafari launched in 2015 and for now we are online accessible in the markets of Mallorca and Ibiza, Balearic Islands.


What problem do we solve?

 7 reasons why property buyers & agents need our help.

  1.  There are 1000s of properties sold by 100s of real estate agencies in each location. There is no exclusivity and portfolios of all real estate agents overlap by 80-90%. For a private property buyer, it is almost impossible to get a neutral overview of the current offers in a market. 
  2. Agency to an agency, prices and data on one property object might differ significantly.
  3. Our research shows that prices differ in average by about 30%.
  4. Data on plot and building sizes vary by more than 130%.
  5. It is not easy to find correct data complying with the official cadastre.
  6. It is almost never clear, in what neighbourhood the object is located.
  7. Potential buyers of second homes in Mediterranean holiday locations do not have access to such information as price dynamics in the area. There are not such things as a comparison and benchmarking of prices per square metre for prime property buyers in popular holiday markets.


3 ways we help real estate agents to close more deals.

  1. To be listed in our index, submit URL of your website or connect your website with our API.
  2. Subscribe for alerts and be the first one to know about new properties for sale on the market.
  3. Contact us and we will help you generate more leads and do more sales.

We help agents spend less time searching for new properties or leads, do more showings and close more quality deals.

What technology solution do we offer?

Our aim is to support real estate agents and property buyers in the selling and purchasing process.
With a help of technology, we have been building the state of the art marketplace with a comparison engine. We also provide a consultancy service and support for real estate buyers, at no additional cost.

With a help of artificial intelligence and respect to European and U.S. law frameworks, Casafari.com aggregates and matches all the properties available at all major real estate agencies on the market. Our index offers the most comprehensive portfolio of properties available at one location.

Casafari.com collects and analyses data on prices in the area and each property neutrally.

Casafari.com advocates and counsels potential buyers of second homes or holiday properties on questions around the property purchase: due diligence, legal work, and taxes.

Do you want to buy a holiday property in Mallorca or Ibiza? Here are 4 next simple steps.

  1. At first, seek for your dream home in our search.
  2. What areas interest you? Where will you feel best? What would be the best investment for you? To answer these questions, look at our neighbourhood guides of Balearic Islands.
  3. Read our Buyer’s Guide or contact us. We will consult you free of charge.
  4. Once you know where you would like to buy property, we will neutrally and based on our data consult you which real estate agency fits your needs.

Where can you find useful information on neighbourhoods?

We’ve created a series of Neighbourhoud Guides for Mallorca to help you figure out what area is right for you.