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Area Guide Spotlight: Braga

Braga has just been voted one the Best European Destinations 2019. Coming in second place – beaten only by Budapest – Braga finished ahead of major capitals such as London and

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Real Estate Expertise: Cláudia Menino

Cláudia Menino, Laje Capital In January 2017, Cláudia Menino became Project Manager at Grupo Laje Capital after over five years of experience in real estate and construction. In this interview

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Real Estate Expertise: Pedro Fonseca

Pedro Fonseca, RE/MAX Latina Pedro Fonseca, director of RE/MAX Latina in Portugal, has almost two decades of experience at the forefront of the organisation. In this interview he had a

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Real Estate Expertise: Anne Brightman

Anne Brightman, Keller Williams Portugal Anne Brightman was born and raised in Texas, United States. After many years in Brazil, she moved to Portugal two years ago and is now an

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Real Estate Expertise: Patricia Pereira Coutinho

Patricia Pereira Coutinho is International and New Business Director at Lince Real Estate. In this interview with us, she discusses her company’s partnership with Savills, which joined forces with Lince

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