We power Single Family Residential as a new asset class across Europe

Leveraging off a proprietary tool with complete market data and a network of 20,000+ brokers, we build portfolios of fragmented assets powered by machines and managed by industry experts.

Our Investors:

What is the problem?

#1 Increase in house prices

House price growth is outpacing increases in rents in the European Union

making access to homeownership harder and harder for the new generation.

House prices and rents in the EU
#2 Insufficient stock available

Affordability pressures and lifestyle push people to rent for longer, leaving room for a significant rental demand.

However, there is not sufficient stock available to level up rent penetration across countries.

#3 Unstable Prices

Rent prices are unstable, pulverised among many private landlords.

Under institutional ownership, tenants have more visibility of rental levels and therefore access to a more viable long-term rental product.

Source: JLL VALUE Marktdaten, IDN immodaten (July 2021) and Casafari

#4 Struggle to deploy capital

Institutional investors struggle to deploy capital into the residential sector and currently hold more than €70Bn of dry powder.

217M Total Residential Dwellings in Europe

MFR — Multifamily residential

However, investing in fragmented assets at scale has been impossible in Europe so far.

Fragmented ownership makes sourcing and underwriting the traditional way impossible.

Sources: Savills EU Residential, 2019; EisnerAmper & Preqin Private Equity Real Estate in 2020

The Solution

Our Data Technology captures and sorts complete market supply to build efficient portfolios

Fragmented chaotic data

Cleaned and organised

To build portfolios out of existing fragmented stock​

To build portfolios out of existing fragmented stock

CASAFARI captures the entire supply structure of market stock, and is able to act first on the best units

Broker Represented

We combine top notch real estate expertise with cutting edge machine learning to build and manage portfolios


  • Holistic methodology to evaluate, design and build portfolios
  • Fusion of real-time market insights with local expertise
  • Guidance and familiarisation to investors of varied profiles
  • Crafting of achievable return criteria


  • Complete stock and asset market history
  • Assertive predicted rental yields
  • Largest and recent cumulative price decreases
  • Shortest/longest time on the market


  • Automated valuations
  • On-ground expertise
  • Offer, negotiation and terms agreement
  • Technical and Legal Due Diligence
  • Final underwriting
  • Acquisition services


  • Rehab management
  • Marketing and Leasing
  • Tenant management
  • Portfolio maintenance
  • Reporting and Accounting
  • On-going market monitoring and return maximization


Our comprehensive Acquisition and Portfolio services release the bottleneck of growth in capital deployment focusing on return maximisation

Single Point of Contact
Quick deployment under yield maximization
Standardised and bespoke acquisition process flow
Access to pre and off market assets from our network of 20,000+ brokers
Access to full market inventory, not just a selected portfolio
360º integrated service from target identification to profitability

How we support the industry to be ESG* compliant

Strong Exit Multiple

High Returns

Reliability & Scalability

Market Transparency

House Supply

Renovated & Maintained Properties

*Environmental, social and governance

We help cities by bringing positive environmental and social impact

Consumer protection

through a better, predictable owner + tenant relationship

Normalised rental prices

and increase energy efficiency

Return affordable rental housing

to locations dominated by touristic rentals

Bring local communities back

to the city centers

CASAFARI’s track record proves efficient capital deployment for maximised returns

Fund I - Lisbon


fair market value discount


Realised gross yield

9 Months

deploy period

10 Days

avg. time to lease


evaluated assets

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