CASAFARI makes the work of REMAX Benacus’ estate agents easier

Daniele Rizzi, estate agent at REMAX Benacus

During the annual convention of the company, the workers of REMAX Benacus had their first encounter with CASAFARI. One of them was Daniele Rizzi, an estate agent who has been working there for over 5 years.

He tells us that, at that moment, REMAX Benacus’ estate agents had a very objective need: monitor and keep track of the properties online, especially those from private sellers (FSBO) and their competitors.

Let’s check out how our all-in-one real estate software helped them overcome this challenge.

How did CASAFARI help

1. Alerts for private sellers (FSBO) and track their competitors

The first mission REMAX Benacus’ agents had was to find FSBO leads to grow their portfolio, right? Well, this one was quite easy: our Property Search allows real estate professionals to look exclusively for properties sold by their owners. And, once the search is ready, they can even set an Alert to be notified of new listings under these conditions.

Each account can set up to 200 Alerts, which means they can monitor FSBO properties in many different areas and with different characteristics. Check, problem solved!

Now, it’s time to talk about tracking the portfolio of their competitors! The very same Alerts feature allows estate agents such as Daniele to track all the properties listed by an agency or agent, meaning that they can be aware of every movement of the competition.

They can even monitor their own properties, to be sure there’s no breach in exclusive mandates. They’d be notified of all changes that happened to their portfolio, being able to act to correct them right away. One less problem to REMAX Benacus!

2. Monitoring the real estate market

Also, the possibility of monitoring all properties available in a single platform was very useful to REMAX Benacus.

Our Property Search gathers every information, including historical data, about more than 200 million property listings, from over 30,000 sources. This means that CASAFARI’s tool allows estate agents to have a 360º view of all market changes and search for any kind of property in a fast and effective way.

Today, Daniele uses our software daily, especially the Property Search, with the Alerts and the Favourites feature. He even created folders of favourite properties for the most interesting areas for his work. Among the many advantages of working with CASAFARI, there’s the enormous amount of time saved in daily searches.

CASAFARI simplifies a lot the online monitoring of properties, focusing in a single tool all the information that one usually needs to manage through various Excel sheets and notes that need to be consulted manually.

Daniele Rizzi, estate agent at REMAX Benacus

As for the results observed, Daniele states: “it’s safe to say that there was an increase in the number of properties found and worked with because of the possibility of searching solely for private sellers, without losing time in each real estate portal individually”.

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