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Interview with Massimo Forte: What is happening in the real estate market

With 20 years of experience in the Real Estate Market, Massimo Forte has gotten himself quite the impressive resumé. Although he lives in Lisbon and works throughout the Iberian Peninsula,

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Proptech for Real Estate Investors

A few years ago, Marc decided to invest in Spanish property. A businessman by nature, he tackled this endeavour along the lines of “The profit lies in purchasing”. After a

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Portugal Real Estate Market Recovery, Golden Visa and Non-Habitual Residents

Many people have been wondering what is going on with the property market in Portugal in 2017. Why are prices going up, why is it so hard to find a

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Mallorca Market Snap Shot: January-May 2016

Market overview: Secrets rarely last long when it comes to property. As you probably know by now, Mallorca, along with the wider Balearic archipelago, has been one of the Mediterranean’s

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Is now the time to invest in Ibiza’s property market?

Hey, we’re going to Ibiza! Why property investors are suddenly flocking to the White Island –

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