Pines paradise


A small island of pristine, white beaches and untouched nature.

Formentera – a pine paradise. Here, I guess, no long explanations are needed. Pine forest is the main decoration of this small island, covering the area 90 with population around 10,000 inhabitants. Winter here is mild, and the winter temperature does not go below +15 °C. Summer is dry, but the maximum level of heat does not exceed the level of +30 °C. The swimming season lasts from April to October. “Sunny Island” – so Formentera is called along with Ibiza. By the way, you can get here only from this neighboring island. There is a regular ferry, sailing from Navy Pier in Ibiza. The journey takes not more than 1 hour.
isle pines beach formentera island

The peculiarity of this island is that, thanks to its unusual configuration, the sea is visible almost from every point. And one can not only see it, but also enjoy it on numerous beaches. Some bays of the island have wonderful underwater grottos. Pine forests are found here side by side with palm trees in a remarkable manner, and Mediterranean landscapes intersperse with typical African landscapes. This is for a reason, as the distance from Formentera to Algeria is less than to Barcelona. The numerous windmills give to the landscape of the island its special charm.
formentera beach balearic islands

The nature here looks remarkably untouched, perhaps, because the island remained uninhabited for a long time. In ancient turbulent times, local residents, frightened by constant attacks of the Barbary pirates, thought it best to leave the island completely. They returned only in the end of the XVII century, when there was a guarantee of their security. Therefore, nowadays, Formentera is referred to as an “island of peace”.

The main point of interest on the island is a natural reserve of Las Salinas (salt ponds), located in its northern part. Since 2001, this area is protected by law. This miracle created by nature, thanks to its rich flora and fauna, was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 1999.
ses salinas formentera

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